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Why we love… Oranges

Sweet, refreshing, and infinitely juiceable, when it comes to oranges, we’ve historically preferred the OG to OJ. But our newest smoothie might change things.

Why hydration matters, and how to make it a habit

We dive into why water is so important, discuss factors that impact your fluid-intake needs, and share five quick tips for making hydration a breeze.

The brain-gut axis and nutrition as explained by an acupuncturist

We chatted with kenckoPRO ambassador and acupuncturist Snow Xia, owner of Hima Acupuncture in NYC, to learn more about stress, gut health, the interconnected relationship between the two, and the role of nutrition in mental health.

Why we love… Mango

For fair weather fans of the mango, it’s merely a fun summertime treat. But for those in the know, this sweet, nectary stonefruit is a year-round source of delight – plus vitamins A and C, to boot.

Instant anxiety-busters: five ways to get calm, fast

Yoga teacher and kencko staffer Lucy Greeves shares her quick tips for showing anxiety the door.

How to make vegetables the star of your next BBQ

It might sound like sacrilege deep in grill country, but we assure you: these 3 easy and delicious barbecued veggie recipes will wow even the most meat-minded cookout attendee.

7 nutrition tips for a better night’s sleep

Tired of being tired? Try these simple tweaks to your daily routine and longer, more restful nights of slumber should follow.

Five food-based tricks to help improve your dental health

Regrettably, you’ll still have to brush and floss regularly, but these simple tips can make a difference to the wellness of your pearly whites.

5 uses for a spare mixer bottle

We’re in the process of upgrading all our members to a new and improved smoothie mixer bottle. If you’re wondering what to do with your spare, look no further. We’ve got suggestions.

Camping 101: Outdoor Tips for Indoor Types

Whether you’re a seasoned camping pro looking for some laughs, or a nature novice seeking to avoid common pitfalls, this blog’s for you.

Meet the kencko Nutrition Team

When you become a kencko member you’re getting more than monthly shipments of smoothies. You’re also gaining access to our top-notch nutrition team!

Our relationship with sugar? It’s complicated.

Do you worry about the amount of sugar that creeps into your diet? Our Head of Nutrition, Mallory Gonzales, MS, RD, gets down to the sticky business of putting sugar in its place.