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Why hydration matters, and how to make it a habit

We dive into why water is so important, discuss factors that impact your fluid-intake needs, and share five quick tips for making hydration a breeze.

The brain-gut axis and nutrition as explained by an acupuncturist

We chatted with kenckoPRO ambassador and acupuncturist Snow Xia, owner of Hima Acupuncture in NYC, to learn more about stress, gut health, the interconnected relationship between the two, and the role of nutrition in mental health.

Instant anxiety-busters: five ways to get calm, fast

Yoga teacher and kencko staffer Lucy Greeves shares her quick tips for showing anxiety the door.

7 nutrition tips for a better night’s sleep

Tired of being tired? Try these simple tweaks to your daily routine and longer, more restful nights of slumber should follow.

Five food-based tricks to help improve your dental health

Regrettably, you’ll still have to brush and floss regularly, but these simple tips can make a difference to the wellness of your pearly whites.

Camping 101: Outdoor Tips for Indoor Types

Whether you’re a seasoned camping pro looking for some laughs, or a nature novice seeking to avoid common pitfalls, this blog’s for you.

Can food fire up your love life?

On Valentine’s Day, we reach for treats believed to have aphrodisiac qualities: chocolates, strawberries, oysters. But can food really bring heat to the bedroom, or is it just wishful thinking?

Ditch that drastic detox diet

Don’t fall for the empty “New Year, new you” promises of the latest crash diet. The real solution is gentler, slower, and a whole lot healthier.

Five golden rules for keeping New Year’s resolutions

If you’re determined to make some changes this January, keep this list handy - it might actually help those healthy habits stick.

Help! How do you cure a hangover?

Has nocturnal over-indulgence left you hurting? Let us apply some soothing science to your forehead, and whisper nutrition tips - very quietly - into your ear.

The Way We Eat Now

Our shopping and eating habits are always evolving. Ordinarily the process is slow - but in 2020, things changed really fast. Here’s a snapshot of how the global coronavirus outbreak has affected the way we eat, shop for groceries, and think about food today.

Why coffee is good for you (and when it’s not)

To coincide with the launch of our first coffee smoothie, limited edition mochas, we explore the pros and cons of our morning caffeine fix.